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Complete FAQs

I’ve heard of dry cleaning, but what is wet-cleaning?
Using only water, eco-friendly cleaning agents and computer controlled equipment, professional wet-cleaners lift stains right out of your and present them back to you in their very best condition, often with better results than dry cleaning.

My clothes say “dry clean only.” Is it ok for me to bring them to Helping Hand Cleaners?
Absolutely. It’s actually better for your clothes—and for the environment—because we professionally clean your “dry clean only” label garments without the harmful solvents usually found in dry cleaning.

Are there other wet-cleaners besides Helping Hand Cleaners? 
We are the only certified professional wet-cleaner in Vancouver, and we were the first in B.C. But you can expect to see more wet-cleaning locations in future because the industry is growing and there is no better way to clean your clothes.

How is professional wet-cleaning environmentally responsible and safe?
Dry cleaners use percholoroethylene (perc), an industrial solvent used in auto electronics manufacturing and your clothes. Perc has been linked to numerous health and environmental problems. By using only water and eco-safe cleansers, professional wet-cleaners keep harmful chemicals off of you and your family while providing a healthy working environment for our employees. It also eliminates contamination of British Columbia’s air and water.

Is wet-cleaning actually superior? 
Anything with a hand-wash or machine-wash label is much better off being wet-cleaned. Also, anything with a water-soluble stain (like wine, chocolate, etc) will come out much better through wet-cleaning than dry cleaning. When it comes to your “dry clean only” garments too, wet-cleaning packs the same punch but without all the chemicals that can harm fabric fibers as well as the environment.

Don’t all dry cleaners wet clean?
Most dry cleaners use chemical solvents rather than water. Dry cleaners do clean sometimes in water but not all have the necessary equipment and training to professionally wet-clean. Wet-cleaning can only be performed properly with professional equipment, training, and knowledge.

Will wet-cleaning shrink my clothes?
Not a bit. Here at Helping Hand Cleaners, we have a complete system of cleaning, drying and tensioning that guarantees your clothes won’t shrink.

I need some alterations or special services. Can Helping Hand help? 
Yes, our expert staff can handle nearly all your clothing care needs, including:
-professional steaming, ironing, and starching
-clothes alterations
-mending and repairs
-packing and storing for your clothes’ ultimate longevity
-and more

Contact us with questions about your special fabrics and we will tell you if we can clean them in our special process.